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One of the experts, Yoety classifies kinds of tourism importantly, because they can fix how much income can be accepting from kind of tourism. It is very important for the people to know more about the prospect of tourism. Tourism give advantages for government and all of people that support to progress of the national development. Therefore, the experts classify kinds of tourism as follows:

1. Based on to geographical are where tourism expended. Tourism is divided into five, they are:

a.Local tourism
Local tourism has relatively narrow scope and limited main places. Citizens who stay in this region visit it and foreigners may participate to join them, for example, West Borneo Tourism.

b.Region tourism
Regional tourism is tourism expended by a wide spot when it is comparing with national tourism. For example : DIY, Bali and Jakarta.

.National tourism
National tourism is narrowing mean, National tourism is a tourism that is developing in the country. The meaning is synonymous with domestic tourism where the citizens and foreigners stay in that country.
National tourism for the wide meaning is developing tourism in a country. Either domestic tourism is expanded inside the country includes “ in –bound tourism “ and “ out – going tourism “.

.Regional – international tourism
Regional tourism is tourism expanded by a wide spot when it is compared with national tourism. For example, DIY , Bali and Jakarta.

e.International tourism
International tourism is synonym of word tourism, which tourism is expanded in the whole country of the world, including Regional- International tourism and National Tourism.

2. Based on to the influence toward balance of payment. Tourism is divided into two, they are:
a.In – bound tourism
This kind of tourism is signed by indication of foreigners who enter the main places, because it is called in – bound tourism, it can fill the income for local country visited by tourists.

.Out- going tourism
This kind of tourism is signed by indication of regional citizen go outside the country as a tourist. It is call out – going tourism, because it inflicts balance of payment. The money should be spend inside country, carry out abroad and inflict for original. Therefore, people seldom expand this tourism.

3.Based on to reason or purpose of travel. Tourism is divided into four, they are :

a.Business tourism
Business tourism is a kind of tourism where the tourist come for duties, trading, communicating with their Job, codgers, convention meeting, symposium and usually the tourist who visit those destination do not have much time to go.

b.Vocational tourism
Vocational tourism is a kind of tourism where the people who do travelling, consist of people who are having vocation holiday and choose the places they want as their choice.

c.Educational tourism
Educational tourism is a kind tourism where tourist are studying or learning a science, including study – tour and observation for improving knowledge and science.

d.Spiritual tourism
Spiritual tourism is a kind of tourism, the purpose of which to visit a region ceremony, sometimes it will be responsibility for a region or forgiving their sins, to the God. For example, “ Haji “ and “ Umroh “ for Moslems in Mecca City and visiting Vatica City in Rome for Christians, they will visit those place without compulsion and in their belief to the God and stronger.

4.Based on to time visit. Tourism is divided into two, they are:
a.Seasonal tourism
Seasonal tourism is a kind tourism that continuous mainly time, including summer, autumn and spring tourism the ordinarily signed by sport activities.

b.Occasional tourism
Occasional tourism is a kind of tourism where tour relate to occasion or event such as; Ngaben, Galungan And Kuningan in Bali for a funeral procession of burning the corps after presented for certain time, Robo – robo festival in Mempawah, West Kalimantan that is held each ten of safar (Moslem month in Hijriah) for rejecting bad luck, beside on their ten of safari is the worst day for people.

5.Based on to the object to visit. Tourism is divided into seven, they are :
a.Cultural tourism
Cultural tourism is kind of tourism, which motivates people for doing travel caused by performance of art in the country or region. So that the object they visit is the heritage of old people and ancient things, these things usually unique, amazing, even unbelievable with great architecture as likes statue, mosque and graves.

b.Recuperation tourism
It is called as recuperation tourism, because it is the efforts to heal the disease which is not only done by checking up to the doctor and taking medicine but also another treatment is visiting the place which can help the people to relieve their disease problem. For example; they would be plashed to take bath in warm that consist, sulfur minerals to care their skin or health and therapy for their disease and also a lot of people say that it can make people become younger.

c.Commercial tourism
Its is also called as commercial tourism, because the travel is related to the process of national or international trading , promotion, and launching a new product for marketing purpose. The places where the event are held such as: Expo, Fair, and Exhibition.

d.Sport tourism
Sport tourism is tourism where people who travel with purpose to watch or see game in main country beside that sometime choose tourism to perform or participate in some sport activities. For example people go to The Mount Everest to take climbing sport, visiting Langkawi Malaysia to participate and to see the bike competition “ Tour the Langkawi “, or the football competition Manchester United versus Real Madrid and the badminton competition “ Thomas and Uber Cup “ in Bangkok Thailand.

e.Political tourism
It is kind of tourism, which purpose to see an event that concern with state activity. For example: Indonesia Independence Day. All of these many function in developing tourism and the government can apply this system improving the services for tourist to make our tourism better developed five kinds of tourism above can increase the government of Republic of Indonesia income in the future.

f. Social tourism
Social tourism is only seen the shape of its implementation and do not form to take advantages from it. For example : Study Tour and Picnic.

g. Religion tourism
Religion tourism is tourism where the main purpose is to see or to watch religion ceremony.

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