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There are Function and Purpose of Tourism as follow :

The Functions of Tourism

As for summary of tourism benefited for a state, the functions of tourism can be formulating as follows:

1.Tourism is an important factor to keep the unity of nation, which it is the people on the different are, dialectal, mores and also goal feel multifarious of manner.

2.Tourism becomes the important in economic expansion, because it is an activity that pushes the growth or some economic sectors o f nation for example:
a.Improving urbanization because of growth not – stopped of development and renewal of facility waste. These matters cover the development and repair facilities of tourism.
b.Inspire the new industry related to service waste for example: effort of transportation, accommodation (hotel, motel, marionette waste and encampment) which need the extension of some industry like hotel, equipment and handicraft.
c.Adding request for agriculture picking because of increasing usage.
d.Extending good local market.
e.Supporting national incomes with the foreign currency so that lessen the deficit in payment balance and there by more forward it national economy.

D.The Purpose of Tourism
The people doing travel or going a tourism object by some reasons or purpose. According to Mc.Intosh(1972), there are four motivations or reasons in doing travel, they are:

1.Physical motivation
People do traveling to recover their physic from exhaustion, for example taking a break, relax and having sport activity.

2.Cultural motivation
People want to do travel because they desire to see a cultural progress of a national, both in ancient, about the custom one to another nation.

3.Interpersonal motivation
Interpersonal motivation is motivated by desire to visit the family in the distance or to find an old friend.

4.Status and prestige motivation
There are certain people who want to show status in their society by traveling, so that their prestige will rise and also their status. Most people only know purpose of tourism is just for pleasure. Actually, it can be divided into some purpose, they are:
1.Business tourism
It is a kind of tourism in which the tourist are coming to have official purpose, trade business or interrelated to his or her job, congress, seminar, conversation and symposium.
2.Vocation tourism
It is a kind of tourism which the travelers are consisting of the people who are traveling on furlough or vacation.
3.Education tourism
This tourism is aimed at studying a certain knowledge field, such as : study tour or in linguistic called “Polly clottish: means to increase the ability of foreign language.
4.Spiritual tourism
Spiritual tourism is kind a lot of tourism whose purpose Is to see or visit a regional ceremony.

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  1. turis sangat besar fungsinya gan

  2. well honestly I wanna be a tourist just for increase my knowledge, experience also for fun! yess, may it happen someday :)

  3. Bayu Hidayat Says:
  4. halo broo. wah makin keren blog nya. makin berisi pariwisata nih. sampai pelajaran maksud turis juga ada.

  5. Wah, info yg bermanfaat banget, thanks dah share ya